Chile is a land of stunning landscapes from tip to toe. Hemmed in against the Pacific by the natural border of the Andes, Chile stretches for miles and miles. It crosses a whole range of different climates and ecosystems. 

From the Atacama desert in the north with its stunning rock forms, the country stretches down through more temperate climes into the wonderful wine country. 

As you travel south there are forests and volcanoes, until you enter the stunning lake district. Here you can see snow-capped volcanoes reflected in deep blue lakes. There is also the opportunity to hop across to Argentina’s lake district via Lago Todos los Santos and Bariloche.

At this point the country begins to fragment and water starts becoming evermore present. You reach the raw Andean beauty of the Torres del Paine national park and Laguna San Rafael. Here you will see water, ice and rock combine to produce dramatic scenes and true desolation.

Again, you are able to cross into Argentina to see the Glaciers National Park via El Calafate. A tailor made holiday in Chile can take the form of a boat cruise, relishing stunning views from an exclusive hotel, or else a proper trek. 

Increasingly the country transforms into hundreds of islets all the way down to Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn. All in all, a hugely varied landscape with a welcoming people. Chile is undoubtedly one of South America’s gems. 

Let us deliver the tailor-made Chile holiday you are after, from an Explora hotel to authentic Chilean lodgings. Whether you want to walk, ride or sail, come and experience the wonders of Chile with our local experts. 

Photos of Chile