Brazil is one of Latin America’s most exciting and beautiful countries. From virgin Amazon rainforest to vibrant city life, this is a country of contrasts. 

Water tumbles down from the table-top mountains of the interior to create rivers that feature spectacular waterfalls. 

None of these is more impressive than at Iguacu (or Iguazu), on the border with both Argentina and Paraguay. Experience the fury of the Devil’s Throat and panoramic views of the world’s highest volume waterfall. All this water fuels the immense Pantanal wetlands, teeming with all manner of wildlife.

The coastline features endless miles of beautiful beaches, backed either by vast sand dunes or swaying palm trees. Tiny fishing villages are dwarfed by enormous cities. 

The most impressive of these cities is Rio de Janeiro, an enormous metropolis broken up by dramatic mountains and it plays host to carnival, samba and wonderful beach-side promenades. 

Not far away are gorgeous tropical islands, only accesbile by boat trips, and of course, the stunning Costa Verde. 

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Photos of Brazil