Iguazu Waterfalls


The province of Misiones lies in the north-eastern corner of Argentina. The region is wet and fertile which makes for a wonderfully colourful landscape. Rich reds of the soil and luscious greens of the sub-tropical forests sit alongside hundreds of rivers and waterfalls, the most famous of which is Iguazu.

Argentina shares this extraordinary wonder with Brazil, although the waterfalls are undoubtedly more impressive from the Argentine side. 

One cannot help but be truly spellbound by the billowing clouds and the deafening noise of vast quantities of water plummeting over a 74-metre precipice, not to mention the spectacular array of flora and fauna visible from below. 

You could even explore a Jesuit mission… For your tailor-made itinerary including Iguacu, please contact us.

Photos of Iguazu / Iguacu