Ibera Marshes


This area covers almost 13,000 square kilometres and provides visitors with some of the best opportunities for close-up observation of wildlife. The Esteros del Ibera is composed of a vast system of wetlands, swamps, lakes, streams and spectacular floating islands. A large proportion of the area is protected within the Reserva Natural del Ibera, where the landscape is simply wonderful and abundant with bird life and a rich variety of other fauna.

The Reserve is best reached from the neighbouring village of Pellegrini, providing a perfect base from which to explore the fascinating mazes of streams and wetlands by boat. Access to Pelligrini is from the nearby agricultural town of Mercedes, home of the popular nineteenth-century hero ‘Gauchito Gil’ – a sort of semi-mythical Robin Hood figure. The best time to visit is winter, avoiding the heat and thunderstorms of the mid-summer.

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